Monday, May 11, 2009

Little Brown Bag Giftcard Holders

If you have ever reorganized your craft room you know that hidden in all the junk that at one time you just could not live without a few treasures will be found. One of the treasures I found are these Little Brown Bags. I remember buying them so many years ago with all these great ideas in mind. As you can see by the fact that they became hidden treasures, I never got around to creating those designs. I had them in the get rid of pile and then came across the cutest idea in an etsy shop I was looking at. The idea was to make them into giftcard holders to go with a gift or inside a card. Each brown bag is stamped with a different design making them great to use throughout the year. The set of five Little Brown Bag Giftcard Holders is available in my shop With Love and Affection on ETSY. I hope you find some great hidden treasures too the next time you organize your craft space.

The whole set of five!

The Owl bag is great for a thank you gift, birthday, graduation, or any other fun celebration...

The Chandelier bag is great for a wedding gift or any of your trend setting girlfriends!

The Out on the Town bag is the perfect giftcard holder for a house warming gift, someone going on vacation, someone moving to the city....

The Garden bag is great for birthdays, weddings, and new babies...

Happy Crafting from With Love and Affection!!!

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